"Ah! By my word! there is something singular about you..."
-Rochester to Jane Eyre

Monday, August 9, 2010

Bon Apetit!

Last week, I had the delightful experience of going to Pierrot Bistrot on Cambridge Street across from the Charles River for the second time. My pallet hasn't experienced that much French cuisine over the years, but after my experience, I'm hungry for more.

"Pierrot" originates from a stock character of a pantomime, an almost clown-like persona. Normally clowns scare the beezus out of me (To this day, I refuse to watch Stephen King's IT ), but at Pierrot, the atmosphere was delightful.

I arrived just after they opened around a quarter to 6 and it was very quiet, except for a group of regulars that paraded the back corner of the place. We started with an order of crabmeat and salad. I had the beef medallions with Bearnaise sauce and frites (lovely, French, French fries). The house champagne had a zeisty punch to it and was circled with sugar around the glass.

The last time I went there I ordered the beef bourguignon because Meryl Streep convinced me it would be as amazing on screen as it would be in my mouth. And it was.

Pierrot Bistrot is the perfect French dining experience, especially if you're there with someone you love.

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